My Mission & Philosophy

“Based on the recent feedback, I wanted to give my audience the chance to show their appreciation towards the impact which my content does to their lives.”

Every day I receive messages from every type of Individual. Male, Female, Swiss, Indian, Chinese that my content improves individual lives one step at a time.

This is why I do what I do. Every day those are moments for me which keeps me going to make sure that over the next decade my content can help as many people out there as possible. We should not treat time as a commodity –
time is us. time are moments. we need to live those moments as they come and go, some are good, sometimes they are less good. People need to think more about themselves to make sure they live the life they want to live. Because of this, they can help others as well in their inner circle to do the same – the world has so much potential and the humans who call the world the home should also fulfill their full potential in their daily lives. 

This is why I am here. Anna Jelen the time expert. Loving every interaction with my audience listening to each individual story how I impacted their life and how they learned to create moments for others as well.

Every contribution will get a special present, a special note, a special moment, a special thank you.

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